Test Process & Estimation

Test Process & Estimations

QC’s position as a software testing company is attested by its ability to offer the highest-level testing and QA consulting services. With focus on providing excellent software testing and QA consulting services, we make sure our test development ability take care of all client concerns. Flexible, focused, and tailored test process by QC assures complete authentication of applications and low-cost maintenance costs. Our test approach allows enough room for incorporation of client suggestions midway and integration of the test scenarios with existing process for better client convenience.

Test Process: Important Elements

QC test process follows clearly defined strategy, test scenarios, and a systematic methodology empowered to generate the best possible result. Our test development team involves QA consulting experts to tap resources, define possible and latent issues, and analyze the test process.

We design and execute the test process that addresses the following questions:

  • What will be tested and why – master test plan (and test plans) informed by input from the test policy and test strategy
  • How it will be tested – test specification, test design, and test development
  • When it will be tested – test scheduling
  • Who it will be tested by – test execution
  • What it has discovered – test recording, test scenario analysis
  • When it will finish – checking for test completion
  • How it will achieve test target – QA consulting