Business Intelligence

Delivering Powerful Business Insights to Make Better, Faster Decisions

Business Intelligence solution market has been undergoing a fundamental shift in recent years - fueled by the incorporation of numerous new innovations, technologies and tools. With the changing market dynamics, it is always challenging for the enterprises to choose the most suitable technology platforms – business centric or IT centric, which best fit the business requirements and the existing technology environment. Furthermore, it is also critical for enterprises to work with the most reputed business intelligence solution providers in order to avail a customized business intelligence solution.

As a frontrunner among business intelligence solution providers, QC’ dedicated Centre of Competency for Business Intelligence & Analytics is staffed with Business Intelligence Consultants and we help organizations identify, extract, manage and analyze data to make business critical decisions. As Business Intelligence Solution Providers, we offer a comprehensive and integrated practice for Business Intelligence and Data warehousing (DW) along with analytics combining deep technical expertise, industry knowledge and strong partnerships to deliver powerful business solutions. Our end-to-end business intelligence solution leverages proven collaborative and iterative methodologies and project management to provide business intelligence consulting services, implementation and support to customers.

With strong experience across multiple industry verticals, we have built domain specific data models and we have refined them over a period of time to address the critical business questions. This drastically reduces the time-to-decisions and also provides a ready-to-go framework which can be deployed in weeks rather than months. Since every client is different, the solution would be customized to meet the specific needs of the client.

At QC with over 14 years of experience providing Business Intelligence Consulting Services, we have come up with many frameworks, to address vertical specific needs and critical technical needs. We have automation framework for identifying dimension load process, standard audit and validation framework, basic standard data models specific to each vertical including Healthcare, Retail and BFSI. This enables cutting down the implementation time by 25%. With vertical specific data models, we have standard pre-built reports and KPIs that can be leveraged by our clients.

Another key aspect of BI implementation is Quality of data. It is difficult to take informed decisions if the data is not accurate. Our ETL methodology includes multiple levels of data cleansing and auto fixing known issues. We follow stringent data validation processes at each level including validation of transformation rules for accuracy. As part of our Business Intelligence Consulting Services, we always focus on establishing centralized Data Governance structure, which is essential for collaborative ownership of data involving various business units and IT within the organization as well as external users or data providers.

Data Warehouse, ETL Design & Implementation Approach