Enterprise Portals

Enterprise Portal Solutions for Better Collaboration and Knowledge Management

The enterprise horizontal portals market today is going through a major disruption. According to Gartner, there is an increased convergence of horizontal portals and Web Content Management (WCM) systems. Enterprises today are increasingly looking for a single integrated solution that seamlessly combines the capabilities of horizontal portals and WCM. Vendors are responding to this on both sides of the fence to add WCM and portal capabilities to their offering.

Another important trend is the emergence of UXP (User Experience Platforms). UXP combines the feature set and functionality of portals and WCM to also offer features like search, BPM, collaboration and social technologies. Moreover, horizontal portal vendors are no longer just providing tools and platforms. They are also trying to improve customer service for their client’s end customers through self service capabilities.

On the other hand, social collaboration platforms such as the intranet have been rapidly evolving. What started as a simple LAN based file sharing tool has now expanded and transformed today into an enterprise social network. With the advent of Facebook and other social media platforms, the millennial generation of employees expect a similar collaborative, interactive and intuitive experience from their intranets. Enterprises need to change their employee engagement strategies to cater this fast changing workplace demographic.

An enterprise information portal plays a crucial role in today’s global marketplace as portal technology drives greater collaboration and information management. Our dedicated enterprise portal development and content management team provides a broad spectrum of enterprise portal solutions embracing the latest technologies and best-of-breed tools. We work closely with our customers to build secure intranet, internet and extranet portals. As one of the leading Microsoft SharePoint partners, our enterprise portal solutions offer rich user interface and content delivery that combine information access, workflow management and integration with third-party web services.