Robust Cloud Services to Drive Business Agility and Efficiency

Cloud computing technologies facilitate responsiveness, scalability, innovation, and agility enabling enterprises and software product vendors to optimize cost and drive transformation. Trusted as a seasoned Cloud Computing services provider and enablement partner, we at QC work closely with our customers to understand their business processes and objectives and help them make the right technology investment choices with our cloud-based IT solutions.

As a Cloud Computing Services provider, our structured approach helps customers identify and assess the components and applications that are apt for cloud environment. We engage with the customer to understand and analyze the existing infrastructure and provide comprehensive view on architectural roadmap, cost-effective options, cloud strategy, integration challenges and cloud security. We have partnered with leading cloud service providers to ensure smooth delivery with suitable cloud infrastructure services that meets your business objective. Our cloud based IT solutions help customers streamline their business processes, reduce data risk, increase global footprint and improve operational efficiencies. We have deep expertise and experience in various cloud platforms including Windows Azure, Amazon Web Service (AWS), Rackspace and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Reduce TCO and Ensure Maximum ROI by Leveraging Tailored Cloud-Based IT Solutions

Cloud Viability & Platform Analysis

QC, as a cloud computing services provider, provides in-depth analysis of the existing business and application components and proposes the most viable cloud migration roadmap. To ensure a successful migration to the cloud, our team conducts a thorough analysis of legacy applications and provides strategic recommendations on system enhancements along with the following aspects:

  • Scope for maximum reusability.
  • Best cloud service platform based on the requirements.
  • Assurance of data or application security.

Architecture Analysis

As a part of our Cloud-based IT solutions offering, we analyze the architecture of the existing application and designs to identify possible bottlenecks in terms of scalability, performance, and availability. Based on this analysis, we help customers make an informed decision on migration approaches; “Lift and Shift” or re-architecture. As a Cloud Computing Services Provider, Our cloud experts deliver application architecture based on system performance, the sensitivity of data, existing components, standard industry compliance requirements and future enhancements. We provide

  • SaaS-based business models to maximize customer reach
  • Standard conformance guidelines for new markets
  • Architecture tailored to the business need
  • Legacy system enhancements
  • Cloud migration roadmap

Design & Development

Our robust Cloud-based IT solutions and deployment strategy ensures detailed assessment and planning for scalability, responsiveness, security, multi-cloud integration and integration with existing on-premise applications. For effective maintenance and evolution, we design and document individual components in standard UML format. Our team of architects and developers has extensive expertise in various software development models including agile technology that promotes adaptive planning and continuous improvement. The development life cycle includes comprehensive unit testing, followed by rigorous integration testing by specialized QA team before every release. We also provide in-depth testing services for applications already in production to evaluate their performance, scalability, and availability. As a Cloud Computing Services Provider, we offer:

  • TCO reduction by 20% and performance improvement by 30%
  • Cloud Accelerator Framework to address common infrastructure components including logging, notification, and data caching which are configurable based on the chosen cloud platform

Production Maintenance

Cloud application development services require careful planning and clear operational maintenance strategy to monitor application workloads in the cloud. In today’s dynamic business environment where end-customer patterns and continuous enhancements drive business, it is critical to sustain and optimize the cloud environment. We offer:

  • Cloud security and data protection services
  • Production service management
  • Disaster recovery management
  • Continuous patch deployment