Healthcare IT

With the increasing demand for interoperability, regulatory compliance, and the end-user technology (mobile, multiple OS) compliance, testing of healthcare applications today involves deep technology expertise, significant time and resources, and inflated costs. Quality Certain has many years of experience in applying manual and automated testing towards healthcare applications.

Medical Services

It can be difficult to maintain high quality healthcare software testing that complies with FDA regulations and protects the safety of operators and patients. That’s why Quality Certain offers a wide range of healthcare testing services and medical software verification and validation services.

Financial Services

Integration of large, widely distributed systems, such as in Banking, is increasingly complex. Quality Certain testing services are designed to diagnose and manage these integrations effectively within your time frame and budget.


As the Telecommunications industry grows increasingly complex with sophisticated and diversified service offerings, service providers and operators must work with the highest efficiency to differentiate themselves and remain competitive. That’s why Quality Certain offers independent testing and QA services for the Telecommunications industry.


To address that you adhere to the governance of insurance software, Quality Certain’s Insurance Testing Team utilizes a multitude of testing services for ensuring Quality Assurance.


Networking applications are the foundation of our modern communications and are therefore critical to your business. Quality Certain uses network-specific combinations to optimize the right IT infrastructure equipment for high performance and security applications.

Media & Entertainment

Quality Certain assists entertainment and broadcast portal companies to adapt to the realities of the digital age. Quality Certain can simplify operations, gain consumer understanding, provide content effectively, and capitalize on new opportunities to drive growth and high performance.


To ensure the smooth and correct operation of a sophisticated retail system, the business process must be completely comprehensive and simulated prior to field deployment. Quality Certain has created a structured methodology for testing Retail systems and developed dedicated tools to test Data Conversion and Integration.

Internet of Things

Quality Certain helps your everyday IoT smart device become a smarter, more efficient and effective device.


Quality Certain assists governments and other public service organizations worldwide to ensure high performance in the face of complex challenges. By providing a broad range of consulting, technology, system integration, and business processing services, we enhance national security, economic well-being, and health and safety concerns of citizens around the world.


By testing the system all the way from the meter, through the communication protocols, MDM, and the billing system, Quality Certain can offer complete assurance that the systems work as efficiently as possible.

Education and Academics

Higher education is evolving and adapting, presenting new challenges to traditional IT service delivery. Quality Certain has gained prolific experience and expertise from working with our clients, allowing us to deliver solutions that are both efficient and cost-effective.